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Learn from the top entrepreneurs, investment bankers, & private equity firms as they share their best advice on how to plan for and optimize the sale of your company.

You'll Learn:

  • The Real Challenges in Selling a Company
  • What Makes the Biggest Impact to Valuation
  • Preparing for the Post Sale
  • Understanding the Projected Changes to Valuation
  • ...and lots more

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“It’s amazing how most business owners don't understand the valuation process and how to significantly improve it. This report provides insight and actionable data from surveying hundreds of experienced entrepreneurs combined with what I've learned from being a part of building, exiting, and buying dozens of companies”

Drew Goodmanson


Discover the Real Challenges in Selling a Company 


Prepare for What Matters During the Post Sale


Understand What Makes the Biggest Impact on Valuation

How Can You Maximize Value?

Don't leave chips on the table. Learn before you sell from this in-depth study of 500+ entrepreneurs, and 100+ Investment Bankers and Private Equity firms.

What is your company’s value, what creates value, and how can you maximize your company's value before you sell?

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